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How to Knit - The Basics - Old version

How to Knit - The Basics - Old version

This video is retiring! View the new HD version here: http://youtu.be/KCgEUwESYZk - The Left Handed (new) version of this video is here: http://youtu.be/b21m...

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How to Knit: A Complete Introduction for Beginners Part 1

Grab your knitting needles and yarn and get ready to learn how to knit! How to Knit: A complete introduction for beginners is a step by step tutorial for new...

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DIY Arm Knitting - 30 Minute Infinity Scarf

Learn how to create a 30 minute infinity scarf using a very simple arm knitting technique. So easy, anyone can do it! Brought to you by The Kurtz Corner. Vis...

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Arm Knitting for Beginners

Learn the basics of arm knitting and complete your own super-soft, chunky cowl in less than an hour! This video is ideal for beginners -- all you need to get...

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How to Knit the Indian Cross Stitch

For written instructions and photos please visit: http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-indian-cross-stitch/ This video knitting tutorial will help you le...

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Knitting Help - Russian Join

You're knitting along, and you run out of yarn. There are a few ways to attach a new ball - you can spit splice, just tie a knot, or try this technique - the...

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Interview with Judy Graham - "Knitting Tips by Judy"

When Hollywood needs custom knits for tv and movies, who do they turn to? Judy Graham! You might know Judy's name from her website and YouTube channel, Knitt...

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comb knitting

Here is a nifty and portable way to knit--using a wide tooth comb. A cheap dollar store comb will do. This is a version of frame knitting.

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Knitting with eliZZZa * Moss Brioche Stitch

http://www.nadelspiel.com/ * Similar to the Bead Brioche Stitch but reversible. This video teaches you how to knit the moss brioche stitch with 4 pattern row...

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Learn to Knit an Entrelac Scarf

Get your free copy of the pattern here: http://verypink.com/2011/12/22/learn-to-knit-entrelac/ Entrelac is a cool knitting technique that looks like woven bl...

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Arm Knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes

Super fast and easy way of knitting a yarn scarf on your own hands. With this technique, you'll be able to create a yarn scarf in less than 30 minutes. Need ...

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Fastest Needles in the Northwest speed knitting competition at Vogue Knitting LIVE Seattle 2013

Liisa Nieminen, dyer and studio assistant at SweetGeorgia Yarns, is one of the finalists (on the right). Fastest Needles in the Northwest speed knitting comp...

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Knitted Spiral Flower Knitting Tutorial 1 Learn How to Knit Flowers

Free flower patterns, knitting flowers, learn how to knit flowers step-by-step, knitting flower library. With this knitting video tutorial you will see how f...

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Tii Casa Knitting Tip - How to Join Yarn Seamlessly

This video shows you how to invisibly join a new ball of yarn to your work without any bulk, knots or bumps. This method can be used for any weight yarn - fr...

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Knitted slippers for beginners, free knitting video for unisex slippers for men or women.

Knitted slippers for beginners, free knitting video for unisex slippers for men or women. EASY CAST ON METHOD: http://knitting.purzuit.com/video/_iocTxgfLqU.html Kni...

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Knitting How To: Trinity Stitch

www.socreations.com If you have any request please send in photos or information to pleasantseas@yahoo.com Trinity Stitch Multiples of 4 sts Row 1 (right sid...

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Beautiful Five Petal Flower to Knit Tutorial 10 Knitting Flowers

Learn how to knit flowers following detailed video instructions. This 5-petal flower is a perfect for embellishing hats, kids clothes, bags and other project...

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Zooey's Knitting 101 - Lesson 1 - casting on

Tips for beginner, cast on, knitting class, casting on.

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Learn How to Knit Basic Steps Beginner Orientation - english method

This is a good orientation for new knitters, but not meant for following along. Please watch the individual videos mentioned to follow along and learn more a...

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Knit Rose Flower Pattern Tutorial 13 Free Flower Knitting Patterns

Free rose flower pattern to knit, how to knit a rose flower video tutorial, beautiful flower patterns, easy to knit flowers, learn how to knit rose flower wi...

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Knitting an Adult Hat on Round Loom - Start to Finish

A tutorial on making an adult sized hat on the Knifty Knitter looms from start to finish. Double strand thickness (2 strands of 4-ply red heart yarn) plus ti...

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Knit a Hat! DIY Beanie Hat with Pom Pom + DIY Knitting Loom! Easy for Knitting or Crochet Beginners

Learn how to knit a hat! This DIY shows how to knit (crochet) a beanie hat with a cute pom-pom from scratch with a homemade knitting loom. In this DIY tutori...

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How to Repair a Hole in Your Knitting

Fixing a scary looking hole (a sweater disaster) takes patience and a few skills but even a non-knitter can learn how to do it.

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Knitting Stitch Patterns Tutorial 4 Honeycomb Knitting Stitch How to

Honeycomb knitting stitch pattern, how to knit the honeycomb stitch, free honeycomb stitch pattern, easy to knit patterns. This knitting video tutorial demon...

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Singer Knitting Machine Demo/Review Compared to Addi Pro

In This Episode: Review/Demo of Singer Knitting Machine in comparison to the Addi Express Professional YouTube User Pam Loomer is interested in finding a che...

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Knit a Garter Stitch Scarf

How to knit a garter stitch scarf. This video is intended for beginning knitters looking for a first project. You will need to know how to cast on, knit gart...

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How to make a scarf on a round knitting loom

This is a Knifty Knitter Brand Loom, but the concept is the same if you have a different brand loom.

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How To Knit - The Basics

This video will show you the basics of knitting. Follow along and see how easy it is to actually do! Anyone can learn to knit and it's a great craft to know ...

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How to Knit a Scarf! DIY Scarf and a Round Knitting Loom. For Knitting or Crochet Beginners

This DIY scarf tutorial shows how to knit a scarf on a knitting loom. I show how to knit step by step for beginners slowly on a round knitting loom! This tut...

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How to Knit - Cast On Beginner (with closed captions)

Kristen teaches how to cast on needles to knit. Learn how to knit in this Beginner's series. Learn how to knit in this beginners knitting series on basic nee...

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Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 2. Knit Stitch, Bind Off in Knit Stitch

After 'casting on' your yarn. This next video will teach you your first stich. Its called the 'knit stitch'. There are two basic styles of knitting: the cont...

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Knitting Color Blocking | Two Color Knitting | Intarsia

www.joannesweb.com Knitting with two colors (OR color blocking OR intarsia) is a super fun way to create a custom design on your knitted project. We love une...

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Learn the Basic Stitches for Loom Knitting - Dish Cloths

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make an easy project for anyone just starting out with loom knitting. This will teach you the basic stitches for lo...

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